To put it simply, at LAMASSU, we just love what we do!
Because of this, we’ve been having the time of our lives for over half a decade!

Situated in the Chicago area, but branching out as far as the beautiful shores of Mexico and the vast Caribbean, LAMASSU is a family-owned wedding and event planning business, sprinkled with a little bit of magic.

Offering a wide variety of premium services, we’ve been in the business of making dreams reality for over five years. Our goal is for all our clients to have a personalized experience that fits them just right! Making our clients happy is something that gives LAMASSU its purpose!

We value individuality, so our services catalogue has a little something for everyone. By partnering with the best of the best, both locally and abroad, we are able to create unique experiences for anyone and everyone.



Domestically, we offer complete wedding and event planning in the North Shore area of Chicago. Floral design is also our passion, creating original and detailed flower arrangements for any occasion.

For those whose hearts lead to a tropical paradise, full destination wedding and honeymoon planning are available. We also offer stress-free vacation planning, developed to let you relax and rewind.



We bring nature’s vibrant colors wherever you want them! Beautiful centerpieces, bouquets, backdrops and so much more.
LAMASSU floral designs are anything but ordinary.


Your special moments become our special moments the minute we meet. Celebrating in Skokie or the North Shore area of Chicago? We’re local and we’re here to help!


From venue selection and travel plans to decor details and last-minute arrangements – we’ll take care of everything.
We’re bound to make your destination wedding absolutely unforgettable.


Partnered with some of the most prestigious seaside resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, we guarantee a luxurious and romantic experience you’ll never forget.


Ready to let some steam off and destress? We are the perfect middleman between you and paradise!
Let your vacation begin the moment you reach out!


Made up of professionals with excellent education and practical know-how, we are a brand that always works with enthusiasm. We value creativity and follow the lead of the client. Up to date with the latest trends, but never forgetting tradition and timeless styles, we are never short on diversity and imagination.

Motivation, passion, and innovation are what we rely on in our work. No matter what the project is, we always listen first and create later. Our clients are big dreamers and kind-hearted people open to new ideas and horizons.

If you’re looking for a company that makes your special moments their special moments, and works tirelessly until perfection is achieved, LAMASSU is your stop!